Shauna Haddow
... is pretty cool! That's why I'm marrying her. :)

She likes ducks, and stamping, and other such fun stuff. And sometimes (pretty often actually) she's really cute, like a disney character. I'll let her tell you more.. :-)

Nathan Stretch
is... me!

I like stuff like Foosball, Ultimate, board games, making stuff like this site.. and mostly just spending quality time with my friends and my lovems.
(That's her up above there..) ;-)

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Shauna & Nathan's Wedding Page!

We're getting Married!

Hello friends and family. So we're getting married! :-) August 1st's the day. In case you're wondering, that's in...

! ;)

This site'll tell you everything you need to know about the wedding - just check out the links at the top-right. You might find out a few fun facts about us too! (Over there on the left for example.. :) )

Finally, you'll find the very latest news here.

So, go have a look around! And once you do, maybe sign our guestbook.

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